Cyber Security

Protect your enterprise from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats with our cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Our expert team of professionals leverages state-of-the-art technologies and industry best practices to safeguard your business from malicious attacks and cyber breaches.

Trust us to provide robust and reliable cybersecurity solutions that ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical business data and systems.

Security Assessment

In order to evaluate the potential risks facing your organization, the implementation of an industry framework is a recommended course of action. Fortify Assessment is a powerful tool that can aid in this process by conducting comprehensive scans of your networks, identifying both known and unknown vulnerabilities. 


  • Vulnerability assessment
  • User risk assessment
  • Uncover risks related to endpoint health, user accounts, dark web exposure, business email compromise, open vulnerabilities.

Security Operations Centre

As an extension of your team, SOC expert security analysts, combined with cutting-edge threat intelligence, will manage all your security monitoring.


  • 24/7 threat monitoring and response backed by SOC experts.
  • Take your security beyond antivirus and firewalls with enterprise-grade endpoint detection and response (EDR) with 24/7 SOC coverage.
  • Perch takes threat intelligence to the next level by automatically uncovering suspicious activity across your networks, and certified threat analysts work around the clock to escalate real threats for remediation.

Endpoint Detection and Response

We actively monitor, detect and respond to threats - keeping your data and networks secure.


  • AI-powered monitoring - Behavioral AI continuously monitors and maps each running process for malicious behaviors, detecting many thousands of viruses and malware attack variants as well as diagnosing root causes.
  • Complete response and remediation
  • Using innovative prevention technology, you’ll have visibility into the root causes and origins of threats and the ability to reverse malicious operations at an agile speed

Dark Web Monitoring

Protect Your Brand From The Cyber Criminal World.


  • Fortify dark web reporting exposes and explains threats associated with the dark web
  • Dark web monitoring can better prepare organizations for future threats
  • Dark web monitoring can help organisation safeguard their employee and client data.

Advanced email protection

We utilise a multi-layered approach to email security to help protect your organisation's data from malware, spam, advanced threats and more.


  • The Advanced Managed Email Security service utilises SMX 365 and Microsoft Security to provide the ultimate dual-layer email security solution which is tailored for our unique New Zealand threat landscape.
  • Protect Your Business from email-borne Cyber Threats
  • Our cloud security platform is deployed across New Zealand based data centres, meeting complex data sovereignty requirements to keep all types of organisations compliant.

Penetration Testing

A Penetration Test, known as Ethical Hacking, is an authorised attempt to hack an organisation’s IT infrastructure, applications, processes and staff, with the aim of gaining access into its assets.


  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • External perimeter security assessment and audit, subnet analysis, open port scans and attack surface assessment.
  • Testing configuration of wireless entry points against external attack.

Security Awareness Training

Your employees are the Human Firewall your first line of defence against cybercrime.


  • Train Your Users -The world's largest library of security awareness training content; including interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters.
  • We provide baseline testing to assess the Phish-prone percentage of your users through a simulated phishing attack.
  • With 60+ built-in reports, you get insights that provide a holistic view of your entire organization with instant detailed reporting on key awareness training indicators.
CS Cyber Security Brochure

Downloadable checklist

Download our simple, but essential, cyber security checklist so that you can be certain that your company is meeting critical security measures. From employee training to the configuration of a backup solution, we can help you identify your cyber gaps to ensure your digital presence is at its peak.

Download Checklist

Hear from our happy clients

"We have utilised the services of Alex Locatelli and Computer Services for more than 20 years. We have been unfailingly grateful and appreciative for his competence, professionalism and commitment to keeping us operational with a minimum of downtime. Alex has become a valuable member of our "team”
Alex Witten-Hannah
Witten-Hannah Howard
We operate a medium-sized law practice, which has complex information technology requirements; firstly relating to our business having been the amalgamation of three separate practices into one business, secondly because we operate from two distinct locations (Auckland and Warkworth). On top of that we operate with several remote workers, and both partners work from out of the office at least as often as they would work in any office. Added to all of this is the essential requirement for all law practices as to protecting information and being able to ensure absolute confidentiality. Five years ago we were very happy with our then IT providers; Stephen Dudding as the IT Partner tried as hard as he could to stay on top of IT and to analyse our potential vulnerabilities. But he’s a layperson, and as we all know the IT world is one of experts and is far too complex for normal people to fully understand, right?
A chance recommendation led me first to Alexey Bogachev and through him to Alex Locatelli. Those first meetings were an absolute eye-opener. Firstly I no longer felt like the idiot in the room – computing concepts were made crystal clear, and clever analysis and questioning allowed me to articulate my fears as to our potential vulnerabilities. We regard Computer Services as a partner in our business; they are intrinsic to our profitability and success
Stephen Dudding
"Alex set up our computer systems in our business some years ago. He does a professional job in a timely manner and I'd regard him as one of the best out there. I would highly recommend his services any day! "
Rod Mudgway
Brackenridge Total Financial Solutions Ltd
"Alex is a very knowledgeable, supportive and efficient IT support person. You can count on Alex to assist at anytime on any of your computer and network requirements. With the current upgrade of our server, it was done in a seamless manner; there was no delay nor interruption to the business. His speed and accuracy have saved the Company money and time. It is our pleasure to recommend IT Computer Services to your business."
Cynthia Boquiron
Advance Freight Ltd
"Computer services have supported all our IT infrastructure for 20 odd years and we find them fast, reliable and highly skilled. Always a pleasure doing business and will continue to support them going forward."
Louie Schutte
Synergy Positioning Systems Ltd
"Alex Locatelli installed new computer Servers into our business 16 years ago. During the whole process of decision making, purchasing, installation and ironing out the details, Alex provided excellent advice; service in a very competent manner. Alex continues to monitor our servers on a monthly basis and is always professional, attentive, reliable & easy to get along with. He is very good at making 'computer-speak' easy for the layman to understand. In the past we have had the misfortune of dealing with a computer companies who promise much & deliver little. We were very pleased to be referred to Alex; have had no complaints at all in our dealings with him. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex to anyone looking for an all-round computer solution."
Reneé Lubbe
Apprenticeship Training Trust
"Computer Services has made good recommendations when we have gone through the process of ordering new equipment. This has helped the business grow and enabled downtime for our computer gear to progressively reduce to a minimum over time. Success in business is all about successful relationships based on dependability and trust. Our working relationship with CSIT goes back to its formation in 2004. When computers do break down from time to time, Computer Services has always been there on often very short notice to put things right."
Keith Strode-Penny
Barnacle Design
"When dealing with Computer Services & in particular Alex Locatelli it feels like they are part of your business due to his responsiveness. Alex is always contactable and willing to do a site visit whenever required. Alex genuinely cares about your business and pro actively looks for ways to improve performance, whether it is hardware software or processes." There is no question as to Alex technical competencies."
Mike Rathbun
Jakaar Industries Ltd
"Bureau Veritas is a multi national company, which is over 180 years old and has some 40,000 employees in 140 countries around the world. The BV Group has consistently built recognised expertise, helping clients comply with standards and regulations relating to Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility. The Group's network delivers a comprehensive range of services including inspection, testing, auditing, certification, ship classification and related technical assistance, training and outsourcing.
Bureau Veritas New Zealand has been dealing with Alex Locatelli and his company Computer Services and Information Technology for over two years. During this time we have found Alex to be very competent, reliable and knowledgeable in his field. He is always most helpful and has invariably found the right solutions for us, and given us good advice. His advice has always been financially sound and cost effective. Alex has good networking skills and is well versed with maintaining our Lotus Notes program." We gladly recommend his services to anyone who has need of them."
Krishna Parmar
Bureau Veritas New Zealand
“Ignorant bliss” - defined as a world where businesses exist without realising they are hurtling toward an IT train smash.All was well at Burns & Ferrall Ltd on the IT front until a change in ownership at the incumbent provider prompted a retender. It became abundantly clear as soon as Alex and his team came in to review the entire IT platform and service/support delivery that a change was way overdue.In a few short months Alex and his team have completely overhauled and vastly improved every single aspect of our IT environment, not only from smart, economical changes to hardware, software and backup but to the key element of first rate customer service from true IT experts.As CEO of the group my simple measure of a good partner is when all staff without prompting are offering glowing reports, and for Alex and his team they have been flowing from day one. The productivity yields from the changes Alex has made are clearly evident and tangible in the daily operations of B&F.Its now certainly all systems go at Burns & Ferrall thanks to Alex and his FAB team. I cannot recommend highly enough the experience of dealing with Alex and his team, truly world class!!
Chris George
CEO Burns & Ferrall Ltd
"Alex has been invaluable in his support and advice over the past 20 years. Our computing needs have been quite diverse and he never fails to rise to the challenge and provide solutions that are not only timely but also very cost effective. His service is prompt and efficient and I have no hesitation in recommending Computer Services as a great Company to do business with”
Mandy Hebben
Durable Medical Equipment Ltd
"Alex has been an invaluable part of our team at Konnect. The company has grown rapidly over the past year. No job has been too big or too small. Our requests are quite often last minute; Alex has done a wonderful job of taking it all in his stride. Alex really goes the extra mile to ensure we are happy and is very proactive in his approach. I would not hesitate to recommend Alex's service to any prospective clients. They will not be disappointed. Whenever the need arises for something urgent, Alex somehow makes the time or arrangement for it to be dealt with as expeditiously as possible. His ongoing IT support has helped in the smooth and efficient running of our business."
Colleen Jeffs
Konnect Net Limited
“From the outset Alex he has been fantastic to work with. He is not only highly skilled, but also takes the time to understand our business needs and more importantly offers cost effective solutions. He stands by his work and keeps you up to date on any outstanding issues. Computer Services goes the extra mile!”
Richard Fong
Soung Yueen
"Nauhria Reinforcing and Nauhria Precast is a family run business employing over 250 people. Alex Locatelli, from Computer Services has been responsible for our IT and Network at Nauhria for the past 16 years. During this time our business has experienced numerous developments of which Alex has been integral part to the success – merging 2 business units into 1, implementation of a new ERP System, server upgrades, installation of CCTV, and installation of some of the latest manufacturing equipment from Europe. We have found Alex’s knowledge and ability to perform in IT and Network Systems superb. He is always available when we need it, is extremely fair in his dealings, his quality of work is extremely high, and very importantly he has built a strong trust with our personnel.
We would highly recommend Alex to any organisation and believe he is an asset to ours."
Rakesh Nauhria
General Manager, Nauhria Reinforcing and Precast
"Alex has worked very professionally with us to the point of over and beyond the call of duty, liaising with our techno staff in Holland, their representatives when here in NZ, and always with a can do attitude. Throughout his many hours of working with us we have now built up a relationship of blind faith and total reliance on Alex to ensure we have the most efficient running system backed up by his system maintenance contract to fix anything should something go down, his Naverisk contract and computer off site back up support. My endorsement is absolute because he deserves it, especially when compared to some of the other pretenders I have had to deal with during my time."
Wally Dalgliesh
Manager - Premier Seeds Limited
"We have been associated with Alex since the inception of his own company. Network upgrades, installing or upgrading servers and new operational programmes, adapting the IT system to our ever changing needs. (EDI, cloud backup and preventative maintenance), Alex has been instrumental in assisting with our ever growing need for a quality, efficient and reliable computer network instrumental in assisting with our ever growing need for a quality, efficient, and reliable computer network. Always contactable and available with a workable solution to keep the system running or quickly fixed, Professional and always polite. Alex has never let us down."
Geoff Shiller
Financial Controller, Miles Nelson Manufacturing
“I started my business from scratch in late 2012, and was bewildered by the choice of operating systems and hardware. Because I am out and about for much of the week, I needed portability, synchronicity and economy. Alex provided prompt and accurate advice, and set me up with the essentials: domain name, Dropbox and Office 365 and well as a fast and well-priced CPU. The whole system has never missed a beat. Any queries are answered quickly. Alex and his team are reliable, courteous and highly competent. I couldn’t recommend them more highly!"
Robert Hesketh
Robert M Hesketh LLB - Barrister
Computer Services has looked after our support and hardware program since Alex set up business on his own account. It is a joy to have one area of the business that we never have to be concerned about. Our computer network has been incredibly reliable under Alex's care as his maintenance program identifies problems and corrects them before we are even aware of the issues.We have enough experience with Alex to rely on his judgment totally when it comes to our upgrade and enhancement requirements – what he recommends is always cost effective and suited to our needs.
John Warman
PaintPlus Colour Systems Ltd


If you are spending time dealing with slow, unresponsive technology, unempathetic tech support, and repeat issues, it is cutting into your productivity and profitability. Whether you have an immediate need or just want a second option, our deep-dive network audit will reveal security vulnerabilities, and other issues lurking on your network.

Cyber Security - Auckland - Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Cyber Security, and why is it important for my business in Auckland?
What Cyber Security solutions do you offer, and how can they meet my unique business needs in Auckland?
How can I download your Cyber Security Checklist, and how can it help my organisation identify gaps in my digital security?